Santa Maria home broken into as family sleeps

Santa Maria home broken into as family sleeps

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - ​When the Ybarra family came downstairs Thursday morning, something didn't look right.

"We noticed the sliding glass doors [were] open so we started to take a look and [saw] we were missing some stuff," Jesus Ybarra tells us. 

Ybarra says they took his backpack and his wife's purse but he believes the biggest problem is the purse the thieves took from their friend visiting from Mexico.

They say Malti Rodriguez's passport and the visas for herself and her daughter are now gone.

"It's gonna be a little bit difficult if she wants to come back for vacation - she's gonna have trouble recovering her documentation," Ybarra explains. 

The Ybarra family says it creeps them out to think someone was in their home, telling us: "That's really scary to think about somebody was inside the house when you're sleeping with your kids."

Jesus says he's going to step up the security at his home by adding more locks and possibly even a security system but he believes his gated neighborhood is still a nice place to live.

"Things happen.. I don't know.. It could happen anywhere. There's bad people everywhere so you have to live with that," Ybarra says.

If you have any information about their stolen property, they ask that you call the Santa Maria Police Department.

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