Santa Barbara woman in London heartbroken and homesick following attacks

Santa Barbara lifestyle host Rebecca...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Rebecca Brand of Santa Barbara was on assignment in London for a local travel show when she found out about the latest terror attack on and around the London Bridge.  

"I'm touring London for a few days, it was shocking to find out while I was having dinner at a restaurant I was getting texts seeing if I was ok, and I checked the news and saw the terrorist attack. I had just been on the London Bridge just hours before and I had been on one of those big buses and it was just strange and haunting and crushing to think I was just there. It makes me really homesick. I"m coming home in a few days," said Brand.

Brand was shooting video for Arthur Von Wiesenberger's  "Around the World" travel show.

Brand is also the host of Rebecca Brand Dinner Party on Turner Broadcasting and Rebecca Brand Recipes on Youtube.

She is known for cooking with an iron and ironing board alongside her pet goldfish.

Brand will be back in Santa Barbara later this week.

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