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Zaca Preschool in Buellton that teaches special needs children, could be closing

Zaca Preschool in Buellton could be closing

BUELLTON, Calif. - The days could be numbered for a Santa Barbara County preschool that's been around for decades. The school is known for teaching students with special needs.

The preschool has been there for more than 20 years. Now it's looking like it could potentially be closing down - parents saying that if the preschool does close, it would be devastating.

They say their children have benefited from being able to interact with the special needs students in Zaca Preschool's Full Inclusion Program.

The Santa Barbara County Education Office says come August 2017, the county will no longer be operating the 55 student preschool because of funding issues but say they're completely dedicated to helping Zaca find another operator.

"Expenses have gone up and just the income doesn't cover the expenses anymore for us," Kathy Gulje with the Santa Barbara County Education Office said.

"You know everyone puts their all in to make it cost effective and a successful program," parent Joanna Crookston said.

The County says they've had six people reach out to them about taking the preschool over.

Parents were encouraging people to show up at the Buellton City Council meeting that started at 6 pm, to voice their concerns.

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