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Young Boy From Kenya Visits The Santa Barbara Zoo

Victor Visits the Zoo

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Victor Ngatia from Kenya made his first trip to the Santa Barbara zoo after enduring a life-saving surgery.

The six-year-old underwent bladder surgery in December thanks to the help of Mending Kids International and the Le family.

Huge Le first met Victor a couple of summers ago in his trip to Kenya through a non-profit organization called Made in the Streets.

"We just fell in love with Victor as soon as we met him. We didn't know he had any health conditions. It wasn't until November when I went back to Kenya and found out what his situation was," said Pepperdine University Registrar Huge Le.

Victor suffered from a deformity making it hard for him to use the restroom regularly.

Le helped Victor get connected with the right people and the right doctor to provide him with the surgery that he needed. Victor and his mother arrived in America in July and he received the surgery in December.

The surgery was a success and now Victor and his mother will return home to Africa on January 14. Victor had one wish before he left America, that was to ride the train to the zoo.

"It was really neat to see the awe that he had just getting on the train and looking out the window and seeing the ocean outside. He was excited," said Le.

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