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You Say You Want a Resolution? Here are some for 2014

Fitness, volunteerism are brought up by many people when asked

New Years Resolutions

SANTA BARBARA, Calif - Fitness, acts of kindness, and healthy eating are among the ways many people will take on the new year as they make a list of resolutions.  

A survey shows, however, less than ten percent will actually be able to keep the goals they set.   It also says about 40 percent will make a resolution this week.

To keep them, experts say make resolutions that are simple and tangible.

"I am resolving to stay fit, to eat better and to stay positive and to keep it classy, Santa Barbara," said resident Huntleigh Price.

Riding up Channel Drive on her bike Karen Feeney said her goal was to keep "exercising, staying fit, and staying young."

From Facebook the responses included:

Iver: to smile and wave more at strangers because sometimes that person may be thinking nobody cares.

Mark: to work harder with greater patience, faith and understanding for our beautiful community.

Pat: to help my husband return to better health.

Andy: to make better toffee.

Loadstar Movers: to procrastinate more, but I won't start it until next week.

Joey: to put more ice in my glass so I won't drink as much.

Darla: to get off line and go outside.

Rob: the only resolution I have ever been able to keep is to make no more New Year's resolutions ever again.

While looking at the ocean along Butterfly Beach, a visitor Francesca DeMartino said, "Yea I would say you find inspiration when you are enjoying the moment living the day and not always thinking about what you want to do tomorrow but living what you have now."

(More information, video and local quotes will be posted later today.)

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