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Wine Tasting Now Allowed at Farmer's Markets

Governor Brown signs bill into new law

Wine Tasting Now Allowed At Farmer's Markets

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - For all you vino lovers out there, a new state law will allow you to taste while you shop at the Farmer's Market.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday that will allow wineries or cider makers who do their own bottling to offer tastings at Farmer's Markets.

The measure states wine tasting areas are to be separated from the rest of the Farmer's Market.

The new law also limits tastings to three ounces per patron per day.

Local wine makers say they are excited to present their product to the community in a new social setting, which could add to more business as well.

"If let's say we were to showcase our wines at the Farmers Market, we could do the tasting there," said Santa Barbara Winery tasting room manager Suzanne FitzGerald.  "But then we could direct them to the tasting room.  It's so close they could just walk over here that day."

Marketing managers still have discretion on whether to allow tastings.

The law says only one winery can offer tastes at a market on a given day.

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