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Wave Projections So Far No Big Concern in Southern Santa Barbara County

Warnings are out, waves are up, but response is hardly noticeable

Wave Projections So Far No Big Concern

MONTECITO, Calif. - Southern Santa Barbara County residents have barely shown an interest in the wave surge heading their way in the next couple of days.  Most of the people at the beach thought the waves were just right.

Unlike Malibu, Newport Beach or Ventura the waves have not been as massive in Montecito or Carpinteria.

Residents who have been around for years, however, says they have seen storms flood the beach and some coastal property, just not in August.

One year, resident Carlena McKnerney said she saw two workers in skip loaders trying to save the beach by building a sand  berm.  Instead they were stuck. "The   guys sitting there were waiting to be rescued," she said.

Maggie Kaufman said in one storm at Carpinteria State Beach the area just disappeared when the waves came in.   In other years, the lower area homes were soaked with the ocean surge.

A visitor from Arizona did not see any evidence of dangerous waves or a threat to the coast, but she was warned at a local store while talking about the weather with the clerk. "It was the Vons market. He basically told us to come out and enjoy it today,  and tomorrow check out the big waves because a hurricane is coming in," said Cheryl Dulac.

Overall there was no evidence of preparations for coastal flooding or impacts from big waves.

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