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Waterfield Running Again for SM City Council

City Planning Commissioner lost 2012 City Council race by two votes.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - In front of a large crowd of supporters, Etta Waterfield announced Tuesday she's running for the Santa Maria City Council again.

Waterfield says losing the last City Council race in 2012 by just two votes has helped prepare her for another run.

"I look at those times as character building, and it was truly a character building for me", Waterfield told reporters at a brief press conference in Santa Maria, "it let me know what Etta Waterfield is made out of, it let me know how strong I can stand and it really let Etta Waterfield know what she really wanted especially for the City of Santa Maria."

The Republican Waterfield, who currently sits as an appointee on the City Planning Commission, says her campaign is built on improving public safety and bringing good paying jobs to Santa Maria.

"We have so many wonderful businesses here but we also have the opportunity and the land and all of the great necessities here that will allow businesses to want to come", Waterfield says.

Waterfield says she favors the current at-large City Council and Mayoral elections rather than district elections sought by local grassroots organizations.

Waterfield will likely face two incumbents and at least one other challenger for the two seats up for grabs on the five person Santa Maria City Council.

The filing period for the two Santa Maria City Council seats opens next month and closes in August.

You must be at least 18 years old and be a legal resident of the City of Santa Maria with no felony convictions to be qualified to run.


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