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Water Warnings Ignored in Some Areas

Montecito sprinklers remain on at some properties despite urgent pleas

Montecito Watering

MONTECITO, Calif. - With the recent rain, water officials have advised residents in drought stricken Santa Barbara County to turn off their sprinklers for two to three weeks.  Not everyone is paying attention to the advice. 

We found one Montecito resident with sprinklers spraying during the day on outside landscaping at a time when property owners and businesses have been asked to conserve 20-percent or more.

The Montecito Water District has told customers, its supplies are critically low and overuse could lead to a crisis this summer.

Officials are looking for new water sources to purchase.  They are also meeting with Santa Barbara city leaders to talk about costs to put the shut down, 1990's era desalination plant back together to convert ocean water into drinking water.

So far, there are no code enforcement officers or "water cops" assigned to enforce the water rules being suggested by district officials.

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