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Water Cutbacks Fall Short in Santa Barbara

Tougher drought rules going into effect

Water Cutbacks Fall Short in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The call to save water in Santa Barbara has caught the attention of some people, but not enough to make a huge difference.

The city declared  stage one drought restrictions in February.

Residents and businesses were asked to cut back on water use 20% or more.
The city says, however,  in the first month, the savings was 12 % and in the second month it was only 5%.

Stage two drought rules are expected to be in effect in July which includes an increase in fees for residents who are not cutting back on their water use.  The rates are expected to be especially noticeable for the large water users who continue to use the same amount of water they have for months without a reduction.

The main form of excessive water use, is over watering landscaping.

Santa Barbara has a rebate program for residents who make water saving changes in coordination with a city inspector through the "Waterwise" program.

The Santa Barbara City Council will discuss the new rates Tuesday.

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