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Washington Elementary School moms mobilize to help mudslide survivors

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Countless people are asking "What can I do to help?" One group of Washington Elementary School moms can help guide you.

The group of six Santa Barbara women organized through group texts and social media and has created a SignUpGenius account connecting those in need with those willing to help.

Two of the women are married to first responders. 

"We receive lists from specific families about their needs: cars, shoes, backpacks, gift cards," said  Jennifer Harris. "We act as liaisons between families needing and those helping. Moms mobilizing to get stuff done!"

All families being helped are from Montecito and have either lost loved ones, their homes or their houses sustained significant damage. Their identifies are kept confidential. 

"This isn't the first time this community has had to rally," Linda Meyer said. "We wondered how we could best simplify a system so we can get the help to families that need it." 

The group is working off of a spreadsheet. So far, they've pulled through for 14 families and the list is growing by the day.

With the help of donations, the women organized a flight for someone needing chemo in Houston; they set up a therapist for family members who are hospitalized and lost relatives; they purchased gift cards to Sammy's Cameras for a professional photographer who lost camera equipment. The list goes on.

"We have instances where people are living at campgrounds, do not have renters' insurance, have a dog and have a rope around their dog's neck and don't have dog supplies, etc.," Harris said. "As you can imagine, it is trying for everybody but it really is heartwarming to be able to make a significant difference." 

"I think we're up to 748 families that have signed up in the SignUpGenius," said Linda Meyer. "And it's not one time. You'll see people's names over and over and over again."

They've also created a site through Facebook titled SB Support Network. 

If you like to sign up to help, click on the link below:!/showSignUp/60b0e4daeac22a5f58-must/11272583

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