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Vote By Mail Ballots Arrive for the June Primary

Voters can cast their ballots ahead of election day if they choose

Santa Barbara County Mail Ballots

GOLETA, Calif. - A truck with 110,000 vote by mail ballots arrived at the Santa Barbara Processing and Distribution center for the U.S. Postal Service this afternoon in Goleta.  Soon they will be in the hands of voters.

Each envelope has a ballot, instructions and a return envelope to make it as convenient as possible for the voter.

Santa Barbara County has 194,000 registered voters overall, with more than half requesting the vote by mail ballot.

Typically more vote by mail voters return their ballots than those who go to the polling places.

The deadline to register to vote for the June Primary is May 19.

With the process to vote beginning this week, if you are signed up to vote by mail you can do just that, or you can go to the elections office and vote in person.  Thousands will also still vote in person at a polling place, in the traditional fashion, on election day.  In Santa Barbara County there are  86 polling places.

Overall there will be a 29 day election window.

"You know if you wanted to vote today you could walk into our office, say 'I would like to have a vote by mail ballot,' we'll issue you one and you can vote today," said Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Joe Holland.

The election department has a special system in place to avoid any chance of duplication. It tracks when a ballot has been issued and when it has been returned.

The staff expects to see ballots coming in as soon as Wednesday. 

"We have a sophisticated computer system that keeps track of every voter, where they live and what kind of ballot they're supposed to get," said Holland.

As a rough estimate based on past results, Holland says the upcoming election will likely draw less than 50 percent of the registered voters to the polls.

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