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Vintage Store Hit by Thieves in Santa Barbara

Punch store owner believes several people were coordinating moves to commit the crime

Vintage Store Theft

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - What could be a team of shoplifters has hit a downtown Santa Barbara vintage store on State St.

Surveillance video shows several people casually walking around the Punch store recently, with some possibly giving small hand cues to others moments before the crime is committed.  The owner and store manager believe more than a few of those in the store were working as a team.

At one point a man steals a full length fur coat, by folding it up, and stuffing it under his shirt and into his pants.

Other video clips show customers at the same time holding clothing up to look at them in a way that creates a shield while the crime takes place.

The owner has several camera angles of the customers in the store as the crime is being committed.  

It's unknown if they are working as a team, but police investigators want to find everyone for questioning.  

Manager Teresa Glenn says at least two people in the video are clearly stealing items including the fur coat.

More details, pictures of the suspects, and video will be posted here later today.

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