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Vets Gather For Annual VA Clinic Open House

Hundreds get info on jobs, mental health programs and other benefits.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The VA Open House provided veterans with information on current job opportunities.

"I can say that 85 percent of our workforce in renewable energy industries, especially wind turbines, are veterans", says Thomas Cole with Airstreams Renewable Inc, one of several employers at the Open House., "it's the work ethic, it's the pay attention to details, its the safety occupation, working in teams of three to four, that's what a Vet is."

There were also booths set up to provide the vets with information as well.

Sirianni and other vets Central Coast News spoke with say the national controversy involving veteran neglect by the VA in other areas, and an alleged cover-up,  is not the situation here.

"I have not experienced that whatsoever", Sirianni says, "but you know being an ex-medic you know, a corpsman, I heard a lot of word on the street that this happened or that happened, so it was almost like being scared to go in, but i don't listen to anybody, I just go and make my own decision and i've really enjoyed the facility and its been 100 percent professional."

In the meantime the Veterans Administration has a new leader at the helm in Washington, Army Veteran Robert McDonald who is looking to right the VA ship.

"We are starting to see some changes", says Charles Green with the Greater Los Angeles Area of the Veterans Administration, "we're looking forward to working with him (McDonald) and taking care of our veterans."

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