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VAFB EOD Unit Believes Solvang Ordnance From WWII Era

VAFB EOD Team Responds to Solvang Explosives Scare

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. - In last week's explosives scare that evacuated Solvang's residents, a team from Vandenberg Air Force Base was called to help diffuse the device.

For some on the Ordnance Explosives Disposal or EOD unit, it was their first time responding to a public emergency.

Sergeant Corban Stewart says they were called because they'd been trained to know how the devise worked; in fact, they have the same shell sitting in their training room. 

Sergeant Stewart believes it is from the World War 2 era.

It seemed someone had just thrown it out, but the unit found it was still capable of exploding.

After the EOD unit waited hours for Solvang to evacuate, they found out the shell was only a smoke round.

Sergeant Stewart says it would not have caused a large explosion, but it could have started a fire and hurt someone close by.

His unit worked with the Sheriff's bomb squad to slowly bring the shell to a remote area and detonate it.

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