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Update: Isla Vista streets clear after search for armed men

Officials say report may have been a hoax

Isla Vista Overnight Alert

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Multiple law enforcement agencies responded just after midnight to the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista following a call reporting several Hispanic males with weapons.

The call came into the emergency dispatch center at the Sheriff's Department, but the caller was said to be anonymous.

A perimeter was set up in the area.  A K-9 units searched carports and locations in between buildings.  An alert was sent out by UCSB police to university students, many who live in Isla Vista about the incident.

After an extensive searched,  another alert stated that as of 3 a.m., the suspects were not located.

Many residents say even if the report was not valid, they were glad to get the alert.

One resident Steven Sinfield said he say deputies with their weapons out and was told to "get inside, now!"

His friend Joshua  Oronce said, the deputies with shotguns were very close to his apartment.  He decided to go inside until the situation calmed down.

Some residents who were not on the alert system did not know what was happening but knew it was serious. "I was really nervous because  we had this moment of like 'what is going on?' because  they didn't tell us there were gunman or anything," said resident Monica Moe-Mulvany. "They shined the flashlights in my room because I had all my lights out and locked my house. It was really scary to see that."

The University Police Department says it works quickly in these cases to get the information out to those on the email and text message alert system.

Anyone calling in a prank or hoax emergency to law enforcement could face criminal charges.

Authorities ask if you see anything suspicious pertaining to this incident, contact the Sheriff Department or UCSB Police.


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