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UCSB Students Say Racy Costumes Should Not Signal an Approval for Sexual Assaults

Many promote safer behavior during the upcoming Halloween weekend

Isla Vista Racy Costumes

UC SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A group of students at UC Santa Barbara says  you should be able to wear what you want on Halloween, without fearing a sexual assault.

They are making signs and getting the word out to any student who feels harassed or intimidated on Halloween that help is nearby.

A building on Pardall Rd. will be a "safe spot" and teams of deputies will be patrolling the area heavily.

The "Take Back the Night" group marched on and off campus with their signs today to encourage students to dress as they like, but that isn't an approval for a crime to be committed in the form of a sexual assault or a rape.

Often during Isla Vista Halloween, the racy costumes veer into the area of burlesque or borderline adult, with only a few square inches of material covering bodies.

That's the Isla Vista spirit but organizers of today's event says anyone who gropes, grabs, or commits a sexual assault is committing a crime.

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