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UCSB Students Request Grand Jury Probe of Riot

Associated Students Wants Impartial Look Into Deltopia Disobedience

UCSB Student Government Wants Grand Jury Investigation

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - The unsanctioned street party in Isla Vista is the talk of the town.

Deltopia disobedience led to a riot, officer injuries and arrests.  It could also lead to a grand jury investigation.

Associated Students at University California Santa Barbara are working on a legal request seeking an investigation.  Alex Moore, the external vice president of Local Affairs said past grand jury reports about Isla Vista sparked the idea for a new investigation. Moore said the grand jury can subpoena people and investigate in an impartial way.

Students said Isla Vista issues often get pushed around since the area known for student housing is in part of the county, while the university is part of the city of Santa Barbara and the city of Goleta is right next door.

Other students are planning to hold a meeting at a park on Del Playa at 6 p.m.  Wednesday. Alana Osaki helped form a group called Restore our Community Dignity that is trying to do just that.

Anyone wishing to share their input with the Associated Students are asked to log onto:

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