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UCSB students join national walkout on what was supposed to be DACA's deadline

DACA demonstrations include a walkout...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - About 200 students walked out of their classes at the University of  California, Santa Barbara on Monday, March 5.

They joined a nationwide protest on what was supposed to be President Donald Trump's DACA deadline, but the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is still in place due to a Supreme Court ruling.

Protests were planned before the ruling when it appeared DACA permits would not be renewed.

Judges ordered the Department of Homeland Security to renew permits until legal cases are appealed.

In the meantime, students are urging Congress to come up with comprehensive immigration reform.

Dreamers and organizers said they want a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students and an estimated 12 million immigrants who live and work and call the United States home.

Students don't want to fear deportation while they are seeking higher education and they don't want their parents to fear for the future of their children.



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