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UCSB Student Lost Both Feet Due To Meningitis

Aaron Loy was rushed to hospital two weeks ago by his roommates

UCSB Student Lost Both Feet Due To Meningitis

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - As UCSB students were offered free meningitis vaccines on campus, NewsChannel 3 has learned, the first student to come down with the disease, lost both of his feet.

Aaron Loy is a freshmen on the lacrosse team.

Loy's roommates rushed him to the hospital two weeks ago when he first got sick.

His parents are now sharing details about his fight to recover on a medical journal website.

On Facebook and Twitter, fellow UCSB students and groups are sharing their support for Loy.

The vaccines given out on campus do not cover the type of meningitis Loy and two other students contracted, but medical professionals are urging students to get the shot and that it will help reduce the overall number of cases.

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