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UCSB Group Boycotts Business For Promoting Deltopia

Isla Vista Tenants Union Boycotting Fuzion Glass Gallery In Santa Barbara

UCSB Group Boycotts Local Business

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - A UCSB student group is boycotting a local business for creating the Deltopia Facebook page, which they said brought in thousands of outsiders to the small college town.

Fuzion Glass Gallery in downtown Santa Barbara sells items like glass pipes, artwork and clothing. It is now the target of a boycott organized miles away in Isla Vista.

The Isla Vista Tenants Union said Fuzion created the page inviting people to the now-infamous event.

"The violence was deplorable. We condemn the actions by many individuals who chose to throw rocks and bottles at the police and we never want these events to happen again," said Andrey Bogdanov, the tenant union's vice president.

The union wants to change what happened at Deltopia starting with those who promoted it.

"We don't believe that Fuzion Glass Gallery is solely responsible; we believe that they are one of the associated parties. UCSB, SBCC students are also responsible for inviting thousands of people to this event. But hopefully when events like this stop popping up on Facebook, which get tens of thousands of invites, maybe we can start dealing better with this party reputation that we have on our hands," said Bogdanov.

Peter Robinson, the owner of Fuzion, emailed NewsChannel 3 a statement:

"Our company did not participate in Deltopia, nor did any of our representatives. Our company was approached by artists planning to perform in Isla Vista for Deltopia. We were listed on a facebook page as a  'host'/sponsor. Days before the event, it became clear this would not be possible and we severed any potential sponsorship plans. There were many other Deltopia event pages created and the event has been going on annually for about a decade. While we sympathize with the IV Tenants Union for wanting to ensure that events like this never happen again our company does not feel or take any responsibility."

In Isla Vista, the students had mixed opinions.

"It was a little irresponsible and I think they misconstrued the nature of the event on that page. So if that's really what the shop is responsible for, then I'm all for boycotting it," said student Jacob Weverka.

"Regardless of the Facebook invite, people know about this and I think regardless if they're invited, they're going to be here if they want to be here," said student Madison Beckley.

As for the tenants union, it hopes the boycott will make businesses think twice about promoting an event like the street party in the future.

Fuzion's owner said, the business will never again make a Deltopia Facebook page.

"We strongly feel it should not (affect business) and hope the community sees we did not have any part of what occurred; however, we are more than willing to be proactive in talks with any organization to ensure nothing like this occurs again," said Robinson.

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