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UCSB Campus Police Chief Talks To Students About Deltopia

Students say they are angry about party crackdown following riot

UCSB Forum

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - UCSB Police Chief Dustin Olson told students they should keep it local and keep it safe. Olson was a special guest at a community forum hosted by the Isla Vista Tenants Union at Pardall Center Thursday night.

Several students asked questions about a recent crackdown involving "no knock searches."  Since the Deltopia riot, a few weeks ago, they say undercover officers have entered parties and issued civil citations to hosts accused of serving liquor to underage drinkers. They have also issued tickets to people playing music just a few minutes after midnight.

Officers with the Isla Vista foot patrol explained to students why they could enter a home without a warrant by saying if a door is open to people coming and going they are allowed to enter. Once inside, it is up to the officer's discretion to write a ticket.

Chief Olson and his fellow officers said UCSB's chancellor is concerned about what they called the rape culture and the binge drinking culture on and off campus.

They plan to use every tool including surveillance cameras to curb both.

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