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UC Santa Barbara Student Safety is Discussed at Town Forum

Residents who are not part of the violence, want more done for their security

Campus Police Town Hall Meeting

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - UC Santa Barbara students who are also Isla Vista residents say recent crimes are not stopping at boundary lines.  They plan to bring their concerns to UCSB Police Chief Dustin Olson in a town hall forum.

In recent weeks, there have been assaults on officers, and sexual assaults on students both on and off the campus.

One student, Katherine Friedman said a gang rape on campus in February was, "horrifying.  It shocked everybody. 

She calls the Campus Security Office for an escort when she is worried about walking through the campus or Isla Vista at night. "They're fantastic. They will come and get you anywhere  at any time," said Friedman.

The recent Deltopia street party, erupted into a riot. There were over 130 arrests and six officers were assaulted.

Students who were not part of that scene, say there needs to be a place they can get protection if they can't get home.  One idea is an available building on Pardall Road.

"I wanted to start using it as a safe center on a weekend night especially so students had a place to go  if they are ever feeling unsafe or there ever was a hate crime or a sexual assault, or if they were too drunk and needed some water," said student Navkiran Kaur who is a candidate for A.S. President.

Many UC Santa Barbara students and Isla Vista residents say the campus and the community are often seamless.
They want more regular meetings with law enforcement leaders.

"I also think another element is the miscommunication between the community, law enforcement the administration at UCSB and the county.  In what ways are we going to tackle these events on behalf of the university.  There is a perspective, we really need to deal with this party school reputation and there are ways to do that a unified vision.  How we are going to take care of this community both on and off the campus," said Daniela Bayon.

The town hall meeting is tonight at 7 p.m. at Pardall Center in Isla Vista.

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