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Two Bee Hives Coming Out,Carefully, in Santa Barbara

The public is invited to learn about bees and see the work Saturday

Two Bee Hives Coming Out, Carefully, in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Two bee hives in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone will be carefully removed Saturday, and members of the public can see how it's done.

The location is 120 Santa Barbara Street.  The bees have made two spots a  busy home but it's time to relocate them.

The Super Bee company is coordinating the work, and the public has been invited to stop by to see how bees can be safely removed.  There will be an educational side to the operation, along with refreshments.   Special clothing will be available for those who want a close up look.

The bees are not dangerous, but they do need to be removed properly.

Organizers say the need for bees is high, and they want to move the hives rather than see someone destroy them.

"Generally when we remove them right now, a lot of people want bees and they have empty hive boxes. We give them away or take care of them. We just generally find them homes," said Jacqulyn Burfield, who works with Super Bee Rescue.

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