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Troubled Santa Maria Motel, Budget Inn, Closes

Dozens Move Out After City Notices Code Violations

Budget Inn Closes

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Budget Inn in Santa Maria has suddenly closed.

The City of Santa Maria noticed some exterior code violations and tried to contact the owner several times.

The City says the owner didn't respond and closed down the motel instead.

Dozens were told on December 9th that they had a week to move out.

After complaining, disabled residents were allowed more time to look for a new home.

They tell News Channel 3 that they are grateful to the hotel, but are having a hard time moving on.

The hotel has been the scene of stabbings and a recent shooting.

The City agrees the hotel needs cleaning up, but says they, in no way, forced the hotel to close business.

News Channel 3 tried to contact the owner. 

His lawyer told us they decline to comment.

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