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Triple Fatal Crash Involves Special Examination of Smashed Cars

Monday morning tragedy has unanswered questions

Highway 101 Fatal Car Revealed

GOLETA, Calif. - A team of specially trained California Highway Patrol officers is doing a forensics examination of the two cars involved in a triple fatal accident Monday morning in Santa Barbara.

They want to know if both vehicles were in good working condition when the crash occurred.

The inspection is taking place in a secure area of the Highway Patrol office in Goleta.

"They are making sure they are crossing all their T's and dotting all their I's.  They are trying to expedite the process but they want to make sure they have everything," said Officer Jonathan Gutierrez.

A red Mazda with four people inside was involved in a rollover accident Monday morning on Highway 101 in Santa Barbara. Moments later it was hit by a white Mustang. 

Three people in the Mazda died. Two of them were ejected on to the freeway. The driver of the second car was arrested for DUI.

At the CHP office, both cars went through a detailed check.

"What they are going to do on this vehicle is take off all the tires and do an analysis," said Gutierrez.  "They are going to look at the safety restraints and make sure they are working properly.  They are going to lift the vehicle up, check the undercarriage and make sure everything is working properly with that.  They are going to do a lamp analysis and make sure everything on the vehicle was working properly."T

This information combined with the coroner's report will be used in a final document that will go to the District Attorney's office where charges will be filed.

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