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Traffic sign vandalized with swastika at a Buellton elementary school

Traffic sign vandalized with swastika at a Buellton elementary school

BUELLTON, Calif. - A Buellton father is looking for answers after his son discovered a swastika on a sign at Oak Valley Elementary school on Wednesday.

"We were just pulling out of the parking spot and almost immediately [my son] said: "Dad look!" and I had seen it at the same time. He said stop and I stopped and looked at the sign and it was disbelief really more than anything, followed by immediate infuriation," Don Keefe said.

Infuriation caused by someone vandalizing the "Do Not Enter" sign in the school's parking lot with a swastika.

"I couldn't scrape it off with my fingernail, whatever paint it was was a little too hard so I went into the office to inform them of it," said Keefe. 

The Buellton Union School District covered the image as quickly as possible that afternoon and said in a statement: 

The Buellton Union School District is committed to teaching tolerance. Racist, divisive language and symbols will not be allowed on our school campuses, and we will always respond with immediate removal of graffiti and vandalism such as was reported yesterday.

Students in each of our classrooms are supported and encouraged to participate in acts of kindness to combat instances of intolerant speech in any form. We encourage students to report any harassment through anonymous tips on our website as well as through the caring adults on our campuses. The district is committed to the health and well-being of all the students and staff members in our schools, and we celebrate the diversity in our community.

But for Keefe, he would like to see more.

"Parents really need to take ownership here and stop being apologists and saying that the kids don't know what that means - that's what I saw a lot of last night and I think that's a cop-out. I think we really need to respond to this, anytime we see this type of hateful symbol. I think we really need to respond to it," said Keefe.

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