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Towing Business Says New City Rule Could Crush Some Business

805 Roadside Towing hopes for a favorable ruling on Tuesday

805 Towing Appeal

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - 805 Roadside Towing in Santa Barbara says it could see a dent in business if it doesn't get a favorable decision from the Santa Barbara City Council on Tuesday.

That's when an appeal to a recent ruling by the Fire and Police Commission is heard.

The owner, Aaron Boucher says he has been in, what's called, the "rotation" of towing companies. There are seven, and 805 Roadside Towing is the newest.

It's been towing for more than two years, and has a hefty investment into trucks, storage lots, and a trained staff.

A recent city decision says, only companies with three years or more experience can be in the rotation and that leaves 805 Roadside Towing out of the loop until the fall.   Along the way the company stands to lose thousands of dollars in towing calls that come with the city's enforcement.

805 Roadside Towing is approved on a county contract and does get some business from the Sheriff's department.

Boucher says the decision came as a surprise to him.

"My understanding throughout the process, that companies already on the city's tow rotation would remain on the tow rotation as long as they compliance with  every other aspect of the rules and regulations," said Boucher.  "They may have gone forward with this and not meant to affect any other companies on the rotation already."

He says had he known the ruling was going to be coming in his first two years of operation he would have crafted a different business plan.  

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