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Tony Denunzio DUI case headed to trial again

District attorney releases statement

New trial for Tony Denunzio


The District Attorney's Office decided it will prosecute Tony Denunzio again on DUI charges. The announcement comes just days after a hung jury in the case.

In a statement, District Attorney Joyce Dudley said, "Although members of our community disagree regarding the events that occurred during the arrest of Mr. Denunzio, some believing unlawfully resisted arrest, while others believing he was the victim of excessive force. That issue, although significant in its own right, does not control the issue of whether Mr. Denunzio was driving under the influence. Clearly, the crime of driving under the influence can destroy lives and those who do drive under the influence should be held accountable. Therefore, given the present state of the evidence in this case, I believe it is our responsibility to re-try this defendant."

As for count three, driving without a license, the judge found Denunzio guilty of that charge.

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