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Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Suzanne Marshall spent her Friday searching for a portable air conditioning unit to cool down her living room. She has lived in an East Beach apartment complex for more than 30 years without a cooling system. 

"The weather has been changing, really been changing," said Suzanne Marshall. 

She visited the Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center to check out her options after seeing her neighbor install a portable air conditioner. 

The center currently has many fans and air conditioners for sale. A section manager tells us customers are constantly calling asking for more details on what's available, but sales typically pick up during August or September. 

Once a unit is installed, routine maintenance and cleaning is required in order to keep the unit working properly. 

"Rarely once they have them in, they rarely check the operation of the system. They change the filter when they need to or if a problem arises due to filter not being changed and then it creates a problem with a system," said John McCormack, president and CEO of Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Barbara. 

McCormack says people should clear the area around your air conditioner unit within 3 feet of the condenser unit of weeds, sticks, and other debris, clean and replace the filters often.

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