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Tipline Follow Up: Brush With Homelessness

Viewers rally to help Santa Barbara woman

Tipline Follow Up: Brush With Homelessness HD

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Mickey Kmieciak is smiling again. We first told you about her struggle to stay off the streets about a month ago.

Kmieciak's landlord evicted her to make room for his 94-year old mother. But after five months of searching, Kmieciak discovered no one in Santa Barbara would take her section-8 housing assistance and her two dogs. To make matters worse, finding any kind of home, condo or apartment to rent in the city is very difficult right now.

Kmieciak was just days away from being homeless when Newschannel 3 issued a plea to our viewers and our Tipline rang off the hook.

"It's really nice to know that people care, you know," said Kmieciak during an interview in her new home.

Kmieciak and her two dogs ended up in a great place, but it was a close call.

NewsChannel 3 anchor C.J. Ward has an update on what's happened to Kmieciak since we last spoke to her in August.

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