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Three women caught stealing from donation bins in Goleta

Salcedo: "It's morally wrong"

Three women caught stealing from...

GOLETA, Calif. - Three women were caught on camera stealing from donation bins in a Goleta shopping center on Tuesday during broad daylight. 

Anastasia Salcedo and her husband were driving out of Kmart Plaza on 6861 Hollister Avenue when they saw three women. One woman was standing by the two donation bins, while two other women had half of their bodies hanging out of bins. 

Salcedo told her husband to take a photo of the women because she says it was not the first time she saw the thieves in the act. Salcedo's husband, John, tells Reporter Vicky Nguyen that he drove up to the women and confronted them. 

"You're going to climb up there and get what you want. that infuriates me. I work for a living and it upsets me when people take things from people who worked hard getting it there because they think it's going to a charity," said Anastasia Salcedo.

According to John Salcedo, the woman pictured wearing a black tank top told him, "so what?" when he told her it was wrong to steal from people in need. 

It's unclear who owns the bins. We called the phone number posted on the bins, but the calls went straight to a machine for an Amarillo, Texas based line. 

According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff's, fishing for items inside the bin and taking them out is considered property theft. 

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