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Thousands Pack Bars, Restaurant For World Cup Game

Real Estate Company Found Santa Barbara Has Most Belgium Fans In U.S.

Santa Barbara World Cup Viewing

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Thousands of fans were in bars and restaurants in downtown Santa Barbara Tuesday, for the World Cup match between the United States and Belgium.

It was a heartbreaking loss for U.S. soccer fans as the Americans battled it out in a do-or-die match. Belgium advances to the quarter finals against Argentina.

It wasn't until overtime that the ball hit the back of the net. During regulation time it was 0-0.

"You got to support your team, you know they can feel it even in Brazil. Every little bit helps," said Terrance Rutter who was dressed in all red, white and blue.

Many of the people watching the game seemed to have taken the workday off to watch the soccer battle in Brazil.

The real estate company Redfin, mapped out where the fans of non-U.S. World Cup teams are. The largest community of Belgium fans are in Santa Barbara. The company found U.S. Census data for foreign-born residents and 179 are local.

"I like it! I like this fact!" said Ana Scoica, a soccer fan from Brussels.

"A lot of Belgium people are here," said Alex Tallol, also from Brussels.

Both Scoica and Tallol were in the sea of red, white and blue at Baja Sharkeez in Santa Barbara.

"That very much surprises me," said Rickie Slater. "Now we don't feel so alone."

"I feel so much better," said Steve Taylor.

Slater and Taylor are from England but were rooting for Belgium.

"I know we have one in there, but the other 178, I've never seen any Belgians," said Jack Maxwell, a Santa Barbara resident who was waiting in line to get inside the Press Room bar.

The two team fan were friendly towards each other and although the U.S. will head home, soccer fans will continue to watch the World Cup.

The next two teams to play are France and Germany. The most fans for those teams are in San Francisco and Germany.

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