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Thieves target Peabody Charter School's computer lab

'It's really a loss for the kids'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Peabody Charter School in the San Roque neighborhood of Santa Barbara had 16 of its 30 HP Chromebooks stolen sometime between Friday night and Monday morning.

There was no sign of a break-in.

"We do have an after-school program that goes until late at night and then we clean after that," said Demian Barnett, the superintendent principal of Peabody Charter. "So, it's possible it happened after the after-school program ended (Friday) at 6:00."

School staffers realized first thing Monday morning that two of the new Chromebooks were missing from the school's library. Minutes later, it became obvious that 14 of the computers next door in the school's computer lab were gone as well.

"We have an aging computer lab and we were really excited because we were going to replace it with these new Chromebooks," said Barnett. "We were about to make that happen when we got back from winter break."

Barnett said the estimated loss is roughly $6,000.

If you come in contact with someone selling HP Chromebooks on the cheap, contact Santa Barbara Police.

"All of this equipment belongs to children," Barnett said. "So we'll do our best to fix the situation but it's really a loss for the kids."

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