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The Top Five Fourth of July Misdemeanors

Number Four: Digging Sand Pit -- $202 Fine

Santa Barbara Police 4th of July Preparations

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Expect larger crowds and a bigger party atmosphere along Santa Barbara's waterfront this Fourth of July, given that the holiday falls on a Friday.

"We expect our nightlife scene to be more active than in recent years," said Sgt. Riley Harwood, public information officer with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Harwood said locals and tourists can expect an "all out effort" by police, with ramped up patrols of more than one hundred officers along the waterfront, Leadbetter Beach, State Street and throughout the city's parks.

Police will also be on the lookout for gang-related problems.

"It's always a concern," said Harwood. "As you'll recall, we've had some major gang fights in past years during fireworks shows or immediately afterwards. Even a homicide," he said.

For many people, what may seem like fun or a good idea at the time, can cost you.

Riley said setting off fireworks, which are illegal in Santa Barbara, will set you back at least $535 dollars if caught. It is a steep fine, but given our severe drought, some might consider the amount a slap on the wrist.

Alcohol-related violations, which include an open container or being drunk in public, could leave violators with a $259 dollar ticket.

If you're able to claw your way past the thousands of people expected along the waterfront and make your way to the beach to view the fireworks, don't get too cozy; Those caught digging a pit in the sand might as well bury $202 dollars --  that's the fine you'll pay if caught.

And some people think that the open space along the railroad tracks makes for great parking. Perhaps, if you don't mind paying the $73 dollars ticket you'll find on your windshield.

Riley tells NewsChannel 3 that other parking violations will set drivers back roughly $50 to $60 dollars.

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