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The Sheriff's Office is Evaluating Surveillance Video from Deltopia Party

Isla Vista Riot Folo

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Investigators with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office are looking into why this year's Deltopia party in Isla Vista got so out-of-control.

"Just because the violence stopped, doesn't mean that our work is over.  Actually it is just beginning for the Sheriff's Office, said Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kelly Hoover.

The out-of-control scene on Saturday night started minutes after a teenager struck a UCSB police officer in the head with a backpack full of alcohol bottles.

The sheriff's department is not releasing that teenager's name, but they tell NewsChannel 3 he is 17 years old and from Los Angeles.  The first UCSB police officer who was injured had 20 stitches to his head.  That UCSB officer was just one of six law enforcement officers injured during the riot, four of whom were hospitalized.

Several camera were installed along Del Playa just before the Del Playa street party.  Deputies are now looking over the video to help them figure out who is responsible for the madness.  "We are looking for who added to this, who threw rocks and bottles and objects at our law enforcement, who were throwing things over our balconies that were hitting our law enforcement officials," said Hoover.

UCSB Associated Student President Jonathan Abboud thinks it's not just the students who are to blame.

"I was disappointed that that is what it came down to, that students and police and whoever were there were both at fault.  I don't think that any one side was being more aggressive or more at fault than the other.  Perhaps the police shouldn't have been as aggressive using teargas and rubber-bullets, but the students should not have been throwing bottles and assaulting police officers," said Abboud.

"I think it is very hurtful when we hear anyone give anyone any type of reference or claim that our law enforcement is doing anything but trying to keep the public safe.  Any reference that we were causing it or contributing to this us versus them mentality is just ridiculous and just upsetting," said Hoover.

Hoover says, that about 80 percent of the people arrested during the Deltopia street party were from out-of-town.  The other 20 percent were UCSB and Santa Barbara City College Students

"That doesn't mean that UCSB students are innocent in all of this.  We are seeing that UCSB students were arrested and cited they are also encouraging people to come through social media and just their presence of being there during this civil unrest disturbance, just by standing there they were adding to the problem," said Hoover.

"If we want Deltopia to be a fun event that we get to celebrate our time at UCSB, then we need to keep it to only UCSB students and IV residents, so also SBCC students.  I think us inviting our friends is what causes these problems," said Abboud.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to share with them any video they have from the madness that happened on Del Playa on Saturday night.

They say every little piece of evidence will help them figure out exactly what happened.  If you have any video you would like to share, call the Sheriff's Office at 681-4175.

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