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Team 1717's Robot Is Top Secret Until Competition

Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Students Traveling To Long Beach

Team 1717's Robot Is Top Secret Until Competition

GOLETA, Calif. - The Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy is on their way to Long Beach for a robotics competition.

Until Team 1717 gets to the games, their mission is a secret.

"It's top secret for us," said Amir Abo Shaeer, the academy teacher.

"It's our robot. It's us that did all the work for it," said student Anthony Blair.

The robot won't be seen by the public until the team unveils it at the FIRST Robotics Competition this weekend.

"We've been the team where when we show up to the competition and take it out of the box or the bag ... It's been a box in the past ... People run over to our little pit area to see, 'What did they do?' said Abo Shaeer.

After working on the robot for more than 600 hours each, the 30 high school seniors can wait a little longer to show up their work.

"A lot of teams do reveal their robot before they go to competitions, but we like to keep it more black ops so that no one really knows what we are doing but they can speculate on what we are doing," said student Ravin Bourgey.

Sixty-five other teams will be in Long Beach competing with and against Team 1717 in a game called Aerial Assist.

"I'm pretty nervous but I'm really excited to be on the field," said Blair.

Blair is one of the robot's two drivers. He said he and his fellow teammates are ready to put their hard work to the test.

The Engineering Academy has won the FIRST competition for the past two years.

"Our goal really from my perspective is to build an outstanding machine," Abo Shaeer.

But the students said a three-peat wouldn't be so bad either.

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