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Taxpayers can expect to pay for more Isla Vista parties

Thousands of dollars in costs projected if more large unscheduled events take place

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Santa Barbara County  taxpayers should expect to pay thousands of dollars insecurity costs if more unpermitted Isla Vista street parties take place.

NewsChannel 3 has spoken to local leaders who say dealing with large crowds, especially college-age students,  carries with it an expensive price tag.

The fall Halloween activities that have taken place for years, are anticipated, and carry a taxpayer cost estimated by county officials at about $500,000.  

Last weekend's "Deltopia" event, announced quickly over social media sites, brought out a crowd estimated at 18,000.  Extra deputies were assigned to the core party zone on Del Playa Drive, but Sheriff Bill Brown says more security is needed for these events, and that will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

County Supervisor Doreen Farr said funds for Isla Vista events is coming out of "all one pot of money" the county uses for other needs.  The more money used for security at street parties, the less money Farr says will go elsewhere.

"It's extra money we just don't have," said Farr.

During Deltopia, while many people had fun and did not get in trouble with the law, there were numerous arrests, damage to vehicles, and an assault on a sheriff's deputy.

County, Isla Vista and UC Santa Barbara leaders are meeting today to talk about solutions to these large scale events, to make sure they don't create a health and safety problem.

NOTE:   Video for this story will be posted later today

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