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SWAT team receives large donation for equipment

Santa Barbara Police Foundation will help to buy rifles, helmets and headsets

Money for the SWAT Team

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Police Foundation, a local nonprofit organization,  has donated $42,000 to help the SWAT team buy new equipment.

The funds were presented to the city council this week.

Contributions from local residents and businesses helped to raise the funds along with a golf tournament and a special brunch.

"I think it shows tremendous support for the men and women of the police department. They do a terrific job of providing safety and protection for the community," said Foundation President Craig Case.

"In addition, we've been running spots on KEYT.  We've gotten a lot of calls and donations just off those spots.  So people want to support the police department,' said Case.

Recently the foundation also donated $8,000 for two trikes, which are three- wheeled bikes, that can be used for special enforcement operations.

The sizeable SWAT donation will pay for 21 Tactical Noise Cancelling Headsets, 19 Ballistic Helmets, five fully equipped SWAT Rifles along with updated optics and lighting systems for all team members.

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