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Summer Wrap Up Concert Brings Landmark Band Shell in Santa Barbara Back to Life

Ten acts at Pershing Park highlight a day of music, dancing and a wind down from a busy summer

Summer Wrap up concert

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The landmark band shell at Santa Barbara's Pershing Park, often underused these days, was full of music and dancing on and off the stage Saturday.

The structure dates back about 100 years depending on which historian you talk to.

Show promoter Roger Perry  brought together the line up, similar to shows he has been organizing for several years at the skatepark, city parks, beach stages and other venues for a free family-friendly activity.

Perry was honored during the show for his efforts.  He announced he is scaling back his role with these shows but encouraged the city and local performers to keep the free concerts going.

Many of the young and older acts have become a part of the local music scene with a loyal following of fans at these shows and at times, performance halls in town.

The Summer Wrap Up concert was backed by the City of Santa Barbara Park Department, the Santa Barbara Bowl Educational Foundation, and KJEE 92.9 radio.

The performers included David Loeppke, Vital Signs, the Agreeables, Let Flow Go, La Boheme Dancers, Young Guns, Spencer the Gardener, Brandi Rose, Voodoo Lounge, Layovr.

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