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Summer Travel Still Strong as Season Starts to Wind Down

Kids returning to school soon

End of Summer Vacation

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Talk of high gas prices and worldwide tensions have not kept tourists grounded. Many have been coming to the local area for vacations.

The summer season has been strong and this weekend is already shaping up to be a busy one, even though schools are starting to welcome students back week by week.

For drivers, the talk of $5 a gallon gas did not materialize and many are in their cars on sightseeing trips or day trips.

Ajay Shah from Kenya was with his family on Stearns Wharf and said getting through airports was virtually problem free. "The fact that we are  from Africa,  they talked about Ebola  but we were not from the region where Ebola was affected," she said.

Others said the coastal communities were more serene to them than the bustling cities or the L.A. nightlife scene.

One business owner said he was hearing languages from all over the world which is a sign that the local coast was clearly on the travel radar for visitors.

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