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Stray kitten rescued from car engine after roadtrip

Cat spent two-days trapped inside car engine

Cat rescued from car engine

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A stray kitten survived a two-day trip from Oregon to Santa Barbara stuck in a car engine.

Animal activist Julia DiSieno and Chuck Love of Love's Towing rescued the frail feline.

The weeks old cat spent two-days, traveling nearly 1,000 miles, trapped inside the engine of a Honda Fit.

Love propped up the car with his tow truck as DiSieno searched from below.

When she spotted him, the kitten was spooked. She had to sedate him.

After prodding and pulling, the cat was freed.

"We did it!" exclaimed DiSieno.

The kitten was frail and had one eye swollen shut, but was otherwise okay.

After the ordeal, the two rescuers officially met.

"You are Mr. Love? Oh, I love you!" said DiSieno as she hugged the man.

The cat is staying with DiSieno and she plans to name the cat after the tow truck driver.

The kitten named Love, cheated death by a whisker.

If you'd like to adopt the rescued cat, contact the Animal Rescue Team at 805-896-1859.

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