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Storms dumping snow in Sierra Nevada

Snow is good for business

The recent series of storms are dumping a ton of snow on the mountains.

Since last week, the Sierra Nevada has gotten up to 15 feet of snow and more is on the way.

The snow is also good for local businesses like Mountain Air Sports in Santa Barbara.

Shoppers are renting and buying gear for the winter season.

"Compared to what we had had the prior three or four years, last year, was a great year. This year is just epic," said owner Ken Duddridge.

Many locals are heading to Mammoth Mountain. Overnight, the resort got 16" of snow, adding to the 12 feet that has fallen in the last five days.

"It's a fun business to be in when we have this much snow," Duddridge said. "Our rentals have been doing great and what is exciting is the families are taking the kids."

Duddridge said this season,  people may be able to ski and snowboard at Mammoth until summertime.

"They made it to the Fourth of July last year. This year they'll easily make it that long," Duddridge said.

More snow is expected to at Mammoth Mountain through Thursday, with at least five more feet likely to fall.

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