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State Helping Some Communities During Drought

Funds for conservation programs getting released

Governor Brown Drought

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - With Governor Jerry Brown saying the drought could last "six years," the state is opening the valve on funding that could help with conservation.

The comment was based on past history with droughts.

The Governor spoke with Southern California water district managers saying, "we do depend on a natural system,  the tap requires water from many places, and we have to really use technology and  self restraint."

Locally there are conservation projects going into a housing development in Goleta, and in city parks in Santa Barbara to capture water and allow it to go back into the under ground water basin instead of it flowing off asphalt parking lots and into the gutter.

A member of the State Water Board Steven Moore has been visiting the area to look at these projects and remind agencies, the state has money for water saving projects.  "The shopping centers, stadiums those are areas that have a big bang for their buck.  but we can distribute these functions throughout the watershed," said Moore.

But the time is now, with no reliable rain in sight.

"We are going to have to act in a very strenuous way in every part of the state. For how long?   Six months,  a  year, six years, we don't know," warned the Governor.

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