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Spring break brings bounce to economy

It's more than just Easter week travelers

Spring Break Travel Plans

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Spring break may last four weeks this year, in part because of different school schedules across the country.  That could bring a welcomed bounce to the local economy.

Already some hotels are seeing full week room reservations until the middle of April.

A member of the Greater Santa Barbara Lodging Association board, David Zeff says he also sees many Europeans in the area.  "They know it's our off season. They know the prices are down. They'll make the time and come out," said Zeff while standing at the waterfront in 72 degree weather.

He publishes a special map for visitors and put out about 150,000 last year.

Joel Harrison from Nebraska said it was snowing back at home.  He quickly sent a picture of the sunny Santa Barbara beaches to family members and friends.

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