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Special Guest at Santa Maria's Little League

Baby Frankie Tovar of Santa Maria Throws Ceremonial Pitch

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Frankie Tovar is a well known baby in Santa Maria for his smile and warm spirit. He is  battling a rare heart condition.

The community of little league supporters watched him throw the first pitch during Saturday's games.

Just like many baby boys, Frankie Tovar has a big heart for sports. His grandma, Linda Tovar, said, "If you go on his Facebook page you can see him making a basket."

Baby Frankie is full of joy, smiles and giggles. Watching him play, many may not realize the 22-month-old baby was born with a rare heart condition.

Grandma Tovar called him "Our little warrior," as she and many others sported a T-Shirt that showed support for Frankie Tovar.

"He was born in Santa Maria but was rushed to the Los Angeles children's hospital. To date he's gone through four open heart surgeries," Linda Tovar said.

Frankie was diagnosed with hypo plastic left heart syndrome, a condition some know as, ‘having half a heart.'

Linda Tovar and Jackie Rodriguez, Frankie's mother,  said he has progressed very well.

Tovar's family members say it's love from family, friends, and the community that have helped him get healthier and better.

Standing in the middle of the baseball field where his dad once played in the little league, baby Frankie threw the first ceremonial pitch.

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