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Southern California Edison addresses massive power outage from Thomas Fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Thousands of people are still without power, one day after the Thomas Fire broke out in Ventura County.  

On Monday night, at the height of the outage, more than 200,000 people were in the dark. Power to most has been restored, but thousands are still without. 

"This isn't your local neighborhood power outage, that's not the problem. The highway, so to speak, for electric power is affected," said Southern California Edison public information officer David Song. 

There is essentially only one way in and one way out, according to Song. 

"The power delivery being affected right now is really kind of the freeways and highways of our system delivering volt power on a regional scale," he said. 

SCE had to turn the power off at the transmission system which runs through the south coast from Ventura County to Goleta to prevent further problems after the fire broke out in Santa Paula. 

Workers are waiting for firefighters to get the fire contained and give them the green light before they go in to assess the damage -- if any.  

"We are right behind the firefighters with our damage assessment crews to work on damaged infrastructure to restore power," Song said. 

SCE said people who are still without power should be prepared to go a few more days without it. 

And those that do have power now, should help by conserving. 

To view current outages, click here.

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