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Some Beer Makers Bottled Up by Government Shutdown

Labeling approvals slow down

Craft Beer Impact

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Craft breweries across the country are very nervous about the government shutdown because some of the departments they deal with are not answering the phone.

Specifically, the new labels created by a brewery have to be approved to make sure they have the Surgeon General's warning and alcohol content correctly listed.

With the government funding issues, some agencies can't be reached.  Others are also necessary for start up operations and licensing.

Santa Barbara beer makers who spoke to NewsChannel 3 said they are not struggling now with the issue, but could have some delays if it continues another month.

At the Telegraph Brewing Co. Brian Thompson said he is using the same Winter Ale label he had last year.  It was part of his plan, but if a new label had been created, it could have been snagged by this government issue.

The impacts can be felt across the country. "Yea there's 3000 plus breweries in America right now," said Thompson. "There's a lot of small businesses being impacted."

The longer the shutdown goes, the more of an impact it will have, especially for those breweries  making new batches, and creating new labels. 

"People in the industry are concerned.  If the shutdown lasts longer, we'll be impacted too. We have labels we need to have approved in six to eight weeks," said Thompson.

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