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Slain Students Remembered During UCSB Commencement

UCSB Graduation Ceremony

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - About six thousand students are graduating in eight official commencement ceremonies held on the UCSB campus over eight days.

On Saturday, The College of Engineering and Science turned their tassles. But, the milestone was bittersweet for students.

Before the commencement speeches and diplomas were handed out, graduates paused to remember their fellow students killed in the Isla Vista tragedy.

UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang said, "Let's take a moment of silence to remember George, Katie, James, Chris, David and Veronica."

The students bowed their heads in memory of the victims. The silence erupted into cheers after Yang announced the victims would receive diplomas too. "We are also proud to award them posthumous bachelors degrees," said Yang.

Four of the victims were students in The College of Science and Engineering. George Chen was studying Computer Science. James Hong and David Wang were studying Computer Engineering. Veronica Weiss was a Financial Math and Statistics major.

Graduate Ananyn Jalsingh said, "These were my neighbors. These were the people I kind of grew up with in the past three years"

Students also said they would not let the mass murder on May 23rd overshadow the lives lost or their accomplishments.

Zoology major Laura Barley said, "It's something that we can't ever forget and I think we are all more proud and more joyful because of it.

UCSB has also established six scholarship funds in honor of the six victims.

Chancellor Yang also noted during Saturday's ceremony that all of the victims injured in the rampage were out of the hospital. He told the audience that one of them was among the sea of graduates and would walk across the stage to receive their diploma.

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