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Skin Deep gives extra love to flood-impacted residents through Comfort Gift Bags

'This community has supported us for 38 years'

Skin Deep Comfort Gift Bags

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Here is another example of local businesses giving impacted residents and survivors of the Montecito mudslides extra love: Skin Deep off Upper State Street has put together Comfort Gift Bags filled with high-end beauty, hair and skincare products.

"It's just a way to give back after all the years this community has supported us for 38 years," said Skin Deep co-owner Nina Meyer.

Meyer said when the shop's vendors and suppliers heard about the local back-to-back disasters, they jumped into action to help.

"They were literally heartbroken for us and for Santa Barbara," Meyer said. "They sent hundreds of products, from everywhere." 

All of the items were donated. Meyer said employees stayed after hours last week and assembled roughly 125 bags and that there are more to come.

One recipient was an older woman who'd lost everything; another was a couple who'd spent eight hours on their roof before being plucked to safety by a helicopter.

"They're all very appreciate, very grateful," Meyer said. "Some people start crying and give us a big hug. It's actually wonderful to be able to share the story on Valentine's Day. It touches the heart, I think." 

Skin Deep is also networking with other businesses, including State Farm and Montecito Hardware, who in turn, are handing out the bags to impacted clients and customers.

Joanna Burton, sales manager at Skin Deep, said Comfort Gift Bags are also being given to Santa Barbara Search and Rescue Team Dog Handlers who responded immediately after the mudflow. The teams are still hard at work searching for the two missing individuals lost in the flood.  

For more information about Skin Deep's products and services click on the following link:

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